Jersey Milk and Dairy Products

Jersey cows milk carries the beta casein protein, known generically as the A2 protein.  This protein allows your body to digest this milk and its associated dairy products more easily than regular milk.  It naturally carries more protein and calcium than the milk produced by Friesian cows, which are the cows favoured by the monopolised dairy industry as they produce more milk each day than a Jersey cow.  In the case of Jersey cows however, less IS more!

Another thing about our milk – it's as fresh as you can get.  Milked, pasteurised and bottled at the dairy all on the same day and then brought to you by Moo & More within 24 hours of bottling.


Moo & More presents the following milk and dairy products all from Peel Valley Milk:

Unhomogenised Jersey Milk
2ltr bottles
Homogenised Jersey Milk
1ltr, 2ltr and 3ltr bottles
Reduced Fat Jersey Milk
1ltr and 2ltr bottles
Jersey Double Cream 330ml tubs
Natural Jersey Yoghurt 500g tubs
Reduced Fat Jersey Yoghurt 500g tubs
Cultured Jersey Butter 200g tubs


Artisan Cheeses

Sourced by and delivered to Moo & More direct from the cheese makers, we offer the following unique hand made cheeses from NSW:

Comboyne Culture Range

Camembert 200g round
200g round
Washed Rind
200g round
Lindsay Blue
220g round
Thone River Blue Pieces

Hunter Belle Range

Camembelle 150-180g round
150-180g round
Fetabelle (Feta in Brine) 250g tub
Bluemoon Pieces
Belleyere (gruyere) Pieces
Cheddarbelle Pieces
Marinated Fetabelle 300ml jar
Basil & Capsicum Cheddar 150g piece
Ol Smokey Cheddar 150g piece

Seasonal Vegetables and Leaf

The majority of our fresh produce is grown in Wilberforce at the Hawkesbury Vegetable Farm, a family owned and operated market garden, 10kms north of Windsor. Items not grown on the farm are sourced through a network of growers in the local area and are also farm direct.

We collect just picked produce each Thursday and Friday from the farm and then prepare it and pack it ourselves to ensure its absolute freshness and quality.

Wherever possible the vegetables available from Moo & More are chemical free. If a chemical must be used to avoid pest infestation then only non-residual chemicals are used, the same type of chemicals allowed to be used on organic farms.

Our seasonal produce is varied and includes vegies such as dutch carrots, broccoli, miniature cauliflowers, leeks, silverbeet, kholrabi, beans, snow peas, sugar snap peas, button squash, zucchini, cucumbers, baby  beetroot, cabbages, old fashioned lettuce varieties and much, much more.

Hand-picked, Vine Ripened Tomatoes

Moo & More also provide two speciality varieties of tomatoes that are grown specifically for us and are available through our market stalls between September and June.

They are carefully hand cut from the truss each Thursday morning, when we collect them for preparation and packing.

The Kimberley is a firm full flavoured tomato with high colour, that even when fully ripe retains its firm and juicy quality. The Amoroso is a superb baby variety, with high natural sugars and low acidity.